Douget’s Cajun Products was started in Feb. 2007 by me: Damian Douget, a native of Mamou, Louisiana (Cajun Music capital of the World). I had been making beef jerky for over over 15 years and was always complimented and praised on the unique flavors I would create. I made the jerky just for friends and family but sometimes it fell in the hands of strangers. That’s when I knew that I was making a pretty good jerky because they also would tell me how good it was without bias. So, in 2007 I build a beef jerky plant in Mamou, Louisiana and started my venture on mass producing my unique beef jerky. I initially built the plant to make flat beef stick type jerky, but had a very hard time producing it in mass quantities. So I started making jerky sliced off of top round beef. My first four flavors were Original, Boiled Crawfish, Teriyaki & Garlic. It wasn’t long before I realized that the Boiled Crawfish flavor would be my number one seller. As time past, I created different Cajun products to add to my line. I truly took my time when creating each and every product and hope you enjoy them all. I have a relentless passion to make all food taste great.