Big Mamou Cajun BEEF Jerky


100% Lean Beef!! 2 oz packs – Multiple Flavors to choose from!

ORIGINAL Flavor – A kick of Cajun Spices with a slight smoky flavor. It tastes more like mini-marinade steak than a piece of beef jerky.

TERIYAKI Flavor – Our Teriyaki flavor is certainly different from most. It’s a robust blend of Cajun spices with an Asian flare. We call it our Asian-Cajun jerky.

GARLIC Flavor – Watch out garlic lovers. This jerky is loaded with garlic flavor. We marinate this jerky with plenty of minced garlic and our Cajun seasoning blend. One taste and you’ll have your taste buds dancing with joy.

BOILED CRAWFISH Flavor – Jerky like no other. We really took our time with this one. If you like boiled crawfish, you’ll love this jerky. It will make you think you’re eating boiled crawfish. No need to wait for crawfish season, just grab a pack of this jerky and satisfy that craving. Boiled crawfish without the mess!

BBQ Flavor -Every batch of our BBQ beef jerky starts off being marinated in our Original jerky seasoning. It then takes a dip in our tangy but not angry homemade BBQ sauce. We then slow cook it to let the sauce marry with the seasonings and happily ever after they live.
We only have Mild for now but we soon will have HOT and Habanera 2 Damn Hot.Enjoy

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Original, Teriyaki, Garlic, Boiled Crawfish, BBQ


Mild, Hot


2oz, 8oz, 1LB